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Pharma Scrap Disposal Machines



   Destroy all types of Pharma waste such as foils, blisters, PVC films, cartons, ampoules, vials, glass bottles, bunks, stereos etc. Only very long films, foils cannot be fed directly. These will have to be cut manually in pieces of 1-1.5 ft by operator before feeding.

    In Roll Shredders these long films and foils as well as tablet filled Blister and foils, folded cartons can be fed directly.

    Output of Crushers is in form of small unrecognizable pieces and that of roll shredders is in form of long strips. In Crushers destroying is by high speed rotary knife, a 'cutting sound' is associated with crushing action and in Roll Shredders destroying is by rotary scissors., it is silent.

    Crushers Model NS 300 can normally be supplied within 2 weeks and for all other models delivery period is minimum 6 weeks.

    If you need any further information, technical or otherwise, please let us know. We will be happy to provide the same. We also supply all models in GMP construction.




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