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Our Products Includes Centrifuges, Crusher, Cutting Oil Reclaimers, Shredders

about us

Mr. Suhas Lele who is Engg. Graduate from VJTI, Mumbai University in the year 1980 is proprietor of the company. After taking experience in TOOL ROOM of M/s Premier Automobiles Ltd., a reputed automobile industry, he started his own business in 1985 in the field of special purpose machine tools.

Over last 20 years, M/s Amey Engineers have developed and manufactured -

  • Injection moulding machines, rejected components etc.
  • Pharmaceutical Scrap Crushers- suitable for destroying/disposing off all types of scrapped, expired pharma waste in single machine
  • Centrifuges- suitable for separating liquid and solid phase produced in reaction vessel in all types of chemical manufacturing units
  • Chip Wringers- suitable for separating straight cutting oil used in gear cutting, automats, deep hole drilling and other machines from generated swarf/chips.

M/s Amey Engineers has always given first importance to QUALITY & WARRANTY and that is why most of leading industries in all above fields such as Pharmaceutical and Engg. are using Amey make machines for above specified specific applications.

M/s Amey Engineers have minimum required machineries at their factory and major thrust is given on technical expertise and vendor development as products dealt in are of diverse variety.


Patil Compound, Before Lalit Weigh Bridge,Kalyan-Shil Road, Manpada,Dombivali (E) - 421 204.
Factory No. :  0251 - 287 1114,  Telefax No. :  0251 -  287 0397   E-mail :




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